Does Your Dental Practice Really Need Marketing?

Some dental associations and dental practitioners consider marketing unethical and this is because they misunderstand “Marketing” with “Advertising”. Marketing does not mean showcasing the low treatment costs, distributing pamphlets or giving referral commission but it is about being noticeable when patients are looking for your services.

Many of you might have experienced in your practice that some of your patients are already well versed with their treatment even before you explain them. It is happening because today information is available at the fingertips. The world is evolving; India is getting digital. We are the third largest county with respect to the number of internet users and with every passing day internet services are getting cheaper and better.

10 years back, you might not have thought that you will buy products online, but it is pretty common these days. We have become habitual to search internet before buying any product or service and same is for dentistry. Every patient won’t Google before visiting your practice, but the once who are looking for cosmetic makeover or high end dental treatments would definitely do the internet exercise.

A Decade back just a reference used to be enough for patients to enter the practice, but it is not the same old way today. Even after getting a reference, the person will Google you, visit your website, read testimonials, check reviews on Google plus, ratings on Just Dial and then decide whether to visit your practice or not.

So now it’s your turn to decide whether your practice needs Marketing or not?

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